Mechunik Brand Products Featured At Is Pleased To Offer The Following Products From Mechunik

Aluminum E-Brake Handle
   Easily installed, these Mechunik handbrakes are the perfect way to enhance the silver, titanium or chrome parts of your cars interior. (ie: dash trim, gauge rings, aluminum pedals, shift knobs, door handle).

Aluminum Oil Cap
   Add a subtle accent to your engine bay with our chrome, beryllium, brushed aluminum and new carbon fiber oil caps from Mechunik.

Illuminated Shift Knob
   Easily installed, these Mechunik LED shift knobs are the great match the M3 vehicles' interior reddish lighting.

Mechunik Wheel Hanger
   Make the job of changing your wheels quicker and easier with our new Aluminum Wheel Hanger from Mechunik.

Mechunik Magnetic Oil Plug
   Replace your original oil drain plug with the Mechunik Magnetic Oil Drain Plug on your next oil change.

Mechunik Tow Hook License Plate Holder
   Mechunik Tow Hook License Plate Holder mounts your license plate safely and quickly.

Stainless Exhaust Tips
   Enhance the look of your BMW exhaust with top quality Mechunik Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips. Available in M-Performance style for the F20, F30, also F10 M5 and E92 M3 (in 3 finishes).

Mechunik Aluminum Air Intake Scoops
   Increase air flow to your engine with our new Aluminum Air Intake Scoops from Mechunik.

Mechunik Aluminum Tow Hook
   Get the track car look with our new Aluminum Tow Hook from Mechunik.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors TPMS
   Get your replacement or additional TPM sensors at Our Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors are authentic OEM. Manufactured by the authorized BMW TPMS supplier, Huf Electronics Bretten, Germany, as well as Mechunik aftermarket sensors.

Mechunik Protective Color Stripes for Wheels
   Protect your alloy wheel rims from curb damage and cover up existing marks using our easy to fit, self-adhesive alloy wheel protectors that come is several colors to match your rims or enhance the look.

Mechunik Quick Shift Clutch Stop
   A Mechunik Short Throw Clutch stop is the quick and inexpensive way to get faster and smoother shifts.

Mechunik Colored Rim Strips
   Enhance the look of your rims and prevent them from blending in the your tires using Mechunik Colored Rim Stripes.

Mechunik Locking Valve Covers
   Keep the air in your tires secure with Mechunik Locking Valve Stem Caps.

Interior Panel Trim Striping
   Give your BMW a unique interior look with colored piping strips from Mechunik. These piping strips install easily and can accent any area where two pieces of trim meet.

Mechunik Door Striker Catch Bracket Cover
   Give your car a black-out look with Door Striker / Catch Bracket Covers from Mechunik. They go on in seconds, fit perfectly and give your BMW a less chromey look.