Active Autowerke Performance Software Tune (ASW)

Want your awesome car multiply its awesomeness by two? BMW tuning can get your car the extra power that you want. Active Autowerke offers unmatched performance software that will bring your BMW to new levels of performance.

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Features and Benefits Of This Product

Key Feautures:

-Improved Gas Mileage
-Sportier throttle response
- Available for 91-93 octane
-Smoother pulls through RPM band
-Off Road options for cars without cats
-Increase RPM Limiter for Manual Cars
-15 HP gain & 12 ft lbs of torque.
-Expect Higher Gains with bolt on Modifications.

Available Options

Base Price
Includes cars with mods below
Intake/Drop in Filter
Rear Muffler

Upgrades/Add ons

Off -Road Setup Running No Cats - $200
Off- Road / Delete EWS
Upgraded Cams -$200
Nitrous - $400

What's Inside The Box

SIMON Programming tool (no software required)

1) Connect tool to your car to read your file and emails it to Active.
2) Active sends the programmed file back to you within an hour via email.
3) Connect the tool to your PC to load the emailed performance file onto the tool.
4) Customer connects the tool to their car and loads the new software into their car.

Installation Notes

Installation Difficulty: BASIC - Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required

Warranty + Satisfaction Guarantee

Active Autowerke offers free tech support and assistance.

This Product Fits

E36 - BMW 3 Series and M3 - 1992-98, E38 - BMW 7 Series - 1995-02, E39 - BMW 5 Series and M5 - 1997-03, E46 - BMW 3 Series Coupe, Sedan, Convertible and M3 - 1999-2006, E60/E61 - BMW 5 Series and M5 - 2004-2009, E70 - BMW X5 and X5M SAV - 2007-2013, E87/E81 - BMW 1 Series Hatchback Sedan - 2004-2010, E90/E91 - BMW 3 Series Sedan and M3 - 2006-2012, E92/E93 - BMW 3 Series Coupe and M3 - 2007-2013, E53 - BMW X5 SAV - 2000-2006, E37 - BMW Z3 Roadster and MZ3 - 1997-02, E85 - BMW Z4 and Z4M Roadster and Coupe - 2003-2008, E71 - BMW X6 and X6M SAV - 2008-2014, E82/E88 - BMW 1 Series Coupe & 1M - 2007-2012,

Notes / Warnings

For models with automatic transmission (SMG/DCT), a generic fault code may be activated. This initial fault can be cleared with a generic CODE reset tool.

Please check your local laws for ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.

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Installation Difficulty

BASIC - Simple Tools, No Special Knowledge Required